Books translated to Romanian
Printed over the past ten years. A list is posted in the ''Documents'' section on the top of this page.

22 August 2017

My last books to be ttranslated into Romanian a few years ago were:

  • "Leadership de Transition".  
  • Then there was 'How to Become a Coach",  on the shelves since December 2008,
  • Last fall was published an "Annotated Coaching Dictionary" that I hope you have enjoyed.
  • And now is published the Romanian translation of the French "l'Art véritable du maître coach".  Published in France in 2011, it is the most profoundly systemic book I have written so far, truly focused on the magic of coaching.


In the libraries, or it should be in your local library!!!   The BOOK SIGNING event was at Bucharest Intercontinental Hotel on Tuesday April 24.  The book can now be ordered directly from CODECS Publishing.

To order any these books, or more from CODECS Publishers, in Bucharest