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16 Iunie 2018

G D P R Conformity

Metasystème Coaching ethics and policies in keeping with European regulations
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15 Octombrie 2015

Books available again in Romania !!

Most of my books are again available in Romania and can be bought from TOPBOOK.
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02 Noiembrie 2014

SYSTEMIC COACHING Fundamentals Courses in Bucharest

Acquire systemic coaching skills to become a better leader, manager, entrepreneur, or to become a professional international systemic coach
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02 Februarie 2014

Do's and Don'ts for beginners and master coaches

This text has been generously compiled and distributed by Thomas Leonard.
Cuvinte cheie : Coaching
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01 Martie 2012

Alain Cardon video-conferences

English conferences delivered on different aspects of systemic coaching: up to thirty shorts and longer films
Cuvinte cheie : Video, Conference, Alain Cardon
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