Spring 2012 Calendar
From January to June, and more:

26 Decembrie 2011

September 19 & 20, I will start the 12th Bucharest edition of the "Coaching Fundamentals" course.  The course will continue 2 days per month until its conclusion on December 14-15-16.   If you miss this edition, the next will start in January 2012.  If I  may brag, I believe this course is the core of the best European coach  training program.  It is designed to prepare begining and confirmed  coaches to pass all levels of certification with the International Coach Federation.  It also provides participants with an unparalleled,  "systemic coaching" edge.  If you decide to attend, be prepared to  embark on a deep and personal transformational learning experience and  on an extraordinary professional development process.  For information  on the program, prices, and to register: https://www.metasysteme-coaching.ro/romana/dates-prices-and-registration/

Just after that, on September 22nd & 23rd, I am leading a shorter 2-day "Breakthrough" workshop. This learning experience is also for managers, consultants and future  coaches.  It is one of a series of four short and practical workshops  designed for participants to aquire advanced tools focused on  individual, team and organizational coaching.  Some personal preparation will be asked so as to allow each to practice personal breakthroughs in specific areas in their personal and professional lives.  For  information on the program, prices and to register, same link: https://www.metasysteme-coaching.ro/romana/dates-prices-and-registration/

The ongoing Metasysteme Supervision group is continuing its one-day-per-month co-developement process for established coaches.  It is getting to be more and more popular and will be doubled if there are just a few more participants.  I am  proud to underline that a large majority of ICF-validated coaches in  Romania are Fundamentals and Supervision group alumni.  And this is just the begining.  (Consult the list of ICF-validated Romanian coaches on  my website: https://www.metasysteme-coaching.ro/romana/coachi-acredita%C5%A3i/  and if your name and phone number should be on the list, please let me know and I'll add it).  To register, check the same page: https://www.metasysteme-coaching.ro/romana/dates-prices-and-registration/  LAST MINUTE:  I am now offering two supevision groups in Bucharest, to satisfy the growing demand.

October 12 will be the official launching of my latest Romanian book: Dictionar de Coaching Comentat.  It will be published by Codecs Publishing house, so they are organizing an event (to be posted here soon).  Translated from  French by Laurentiu Zoicas, the "dictionary" proposes an exploration process into the malleable meanings of words and varying perspectives of concepts commonly used in coaching, in life, in management and business.  The book is designed  to provide food for thought for established coaches, and why not, for  everyone else.  AND, another book is also in the process of being  translated to be published early 2012.

November 11, I will deliver a short workshop in the two-day (September 10 & 11th) conference organized by the Romanian Coaching Association, or the "Coaching Guild".  Stay tuned for details of the event.  Theme:  Relational resonances in the coach-client relationship.  The workshop  will offer practical insights onsystemic resonances in different levels  of the coach-client  relationship, and on how these resonances may  affect client results.  Time willing, a few practical  systemic  communication tools to become a more powerful coach will also  be  shared.  Key competencies: listening, presence, direct communication.   The practicalities of this conference will be shortly posted on my website, on the Guild website, on Facebook, on Linkedin and elsewhere.