Systemic Diagnosis Workshop
March 22-23 2012

09 Aprilie 2012
How to get an immediate insight as to what a team's strengths and weaknesses are when you walk into one of their meetings?  What are complementary organization cultures?  How can immediately you tell what a coaching client will need when you first meet, even if that's on the phone?  What are the systemic indicators that allow you to establish an immediate diagnosis of any system, whether that is a person, a team, an organization, an informal group, a family, a country, a network, an NGO, a political party, etc.  This very practical workshop is tailored to be most useful for coaches, consultants, trainers, managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and just anybody who wants to learn how to use systemic diagnostic tools.
Over a two-day active workshop in March, you will be able to acquire:
  • A revisited understanding of teams as performance achievers and project management systems and the central part they play in organizations.  A clear understanding of team phases of development, and how to accompany each phase.
  • A deeper knowledge of four key team and organizational cultures: how to adapt one's coaching and management strategies to help each one of them benefit from its full specific potential.
  • A systemic tool to accompany teams as they diagnose their own profiles and define their own potentials. This tool can be central in a team coaching process.  The tool is free of royalties and can be used by professional immediately following the workshop.
  • Connections with other existing management models, such as Blake and Mouton, Hersey and Blanchard, Process Communication (Taïbi Kahler), time management models, motivational models, ethnological models, etc.
  • An introduction to systemic theory as it applies to leadership, project management, organization development, team coaching and organizational coaching.
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