Coach-i Acreditaţi
Romanian ICF-accredited coaches trained in systemic coaching by Metasysteme.

Below are listed the names and websites of coaches who have a coaching practice in Romania and who have been accredited by an international institution which is totally independent from the school in which they were trained*.  In this list, we also privilege certification processes which include an evaluation of a live coaching session by the assessors*.  These criteria are a generally accepted guarantee of the quality of the services offered by a coach.  (*If this is the case for your accreditation, please let us know.)

For the International Coach Federation, ACC means "Accredited Certified Coach", PCC means "Professional Certified Coach" and MCC "Master Certified Coach".


  • Number of ICF Credentialed coaches: More than 18,000 in over 85 countries
  • Number of ICF members: 21,000 in over 111 countries in March 2013

FOR ICF ACCREDITED SCHOOLS, Consult the ICF website and its list of ACSTH and ACPT coach-training programs.  Warning CCEUs allow  coaches to renew their certification, but are not conidered coach training programs.
International Coach Federation Website

ICF Accredited Coaches in Romania, who have trained with METASYSTEME COACHING.

MCCs (Master Certified Coaches)

The Metasyteme-Coaching "Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching" ACSTH coach-training program consists of 63 hours of training on the fundamentals of coaching mastery (including a one day supervision process, and many more hours of practice by phone, between the participants)

The Metasysteme-Coaching METACOACH ACSTH Team-coaching program is independent and includes a minimum of 70 hours of supervision, and attendance in our four advanced team coaching workshops (56 additional hours). These classroom hours do not include at least as many intensive practice hours between sessions, in peer groups.

The coaches listed below have successfully completed at least the "Systemic Coaching Fundamentals" course.  Many have also trained with other schools. Some who have not renewed their ICF certification may have stopped their commitment to coaching and changed professions.

It is common practice for clients to ensure that their coach is undergoing regular supervision.

Apetrei, Viorel, MCC Bucharest, phone: +40 744 367 639
Dicu, Lilia, MCC  Website
Grigoriu Monica, MCC, Bucharest, phone + 40 722 950 660
Obancea, Rodica, MCC, Bucharest,   Phone: +40 0724 824 541   Website

PCCs (Professional Certified Coaches)

Axini, Roxana, PCC, Bucharest Phone: +40 744 982739 Website
Carausu, Cornel, PCC, London & Romania   UK phone:+44 790 127 7721  Website
Blidarus, Maria Magdalena  (PCC- not renewed), Bucharest    Phone: +40 (733) 678 920   Website
Cusuta E. Maria, PCC, Bucharest, phone
+40 740 315 146   Website
Gherasim, Simona, PCC Bucharest, Phone: 727500749

ACCs (Associate Certified Coaches)

Andreescu, Daniela, ACC,  Bucharest    Phone:      +40 (724) 356 562 
Chirvase Falcuta, Ionelia, (ACC- not renewed), Bucharest,  Website
Croitoru, Daniela, ACC Bucharest.  phone +40 729 930 430
Drocescu, Paula, (ACC- not renewed), Bucharest,  phone 0745284953
Frumosu, Alexandru, ACC Mobil: +40741153038   Website
Hurubean, Alina, ACC, IASI Phone: +40 744 577181
Manea, Leonard, ACC Bucharest  phone: +40 722 326 937
Iepure, Adela, ACC Bucharest Phone: +40 723004515
Manea, Mana, (ACC- not renewed), Bucharest phone + 40 722.509.814/ +40 755.089.161   Website 
Manolescu, Rares, ACC, Bucharest  Tel: +40 723 582831  Website
Marinescu, Ioana, ACC, Bucharest, Phone: +40724305997, website
Miu, Irina, ACC, Singapore, phone: +65 9815 56 48  +40 740 212 421
Mocanu, Dan, ACC, Bucharest, Phone: +40 726 207 454  Website
Oprean, Delia, ACC Cluj Napoca, phone + 40 722 640 464 website
Pana, Raluca, ACC, Bucharest, Phone: +40722994040
Reese, Mihaela, (ACC- not renewed), Bucharest  phone: +4 0723 169 990
Serbanescu, Bogdan, (ACC- not renewed), Bucharest   phone: 0744272215   Website
Staicu, Dan, ACC, Bucarest  tel:  0722 198 388, website 
Stoica, Felicia, ACC, IASI website Phone: +40 744 427 321
Stoica, Mihai, ACC, IASI website Phone: +40 744 427 321
Stanculescu - Ogun, Liliana, ACC   Phone + 40 (742) 157 697
Suta, Anda, Bucarest website


These findings stem from ICF’s latest research initiative, the Global Consumer Awareness Study.

"Some 15,000 participants aged 25 and older, in 20 countries, took part in this independent study conducted by PwC.
The study found that 84 percent of respondents who had been in a coaching relationship considered certification/credentials important or very important. The percentage was still high—at 73 percent—for those with no prior experience with coaching.
Perhaps the best illustration of this is the immense growth of the ICF Credential, currently held by more than 6,900 coaching professionals in over 70 countries. In fiscal year 2010 (which ended March 31, 2010), the ICF Credentialing Program experienced a 24 per-cent increase in credential holders!
The ICF continues to see an increase in applications received for all three credential levels—more than 1,570 applications have been received to date (a 25 percent increase over this time last year).
The study also found that consumer satisfaction with coaching is very high, especially for those who had an ICF Credentialed coach. Eighty-three percent of the general public who have been involved in a coaching relationship were either satisfied or very satisfied. The level of satisfaction rises even higher to 92 percent among those with an ICF Credentialed coach, 55 percent of which were very satisfied.
Satisfied consumers are also highly likely to advocate coaching to others. Advocacy ranked high, a mean score of 7.5 on a 10-point scale with 10 being “extremely likely” to recommend. Satisfaction and advocacy results are consistent with previous ICF research which found that coaching is seen as a positive experience by the vast majority of those who have been coached."

From "December 2010 "Coaching World"  ICF