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07 Mai 2010

Dear Friends

Considering coaching is the art of tuning in to client vibrations in order to harmoniously get on the same wavelength and resolutely resonate towards measurable grand finales, ...
here is a last reminder: 

Cristina Manole, Alain Cardon, Dan Mocanu, and Mihai Stanescu are co-hosting and co-delivering an exceptional quadraphonic coaching concert on May 18 in the Bucharest Marriott Hotel, to the tune of "Discover Your Inner Coach".

IMPORTANT: If you planned to attend, we need enough immediate registrations to evaluate risks and cover costs.  To contact us NOW: https://www.metasysteme-coaching.ro/romana/contact

Day's Agenda


Cristina Manole, Dan Mocanu, Mihai Stanescu and Alain Cardon present:
A full-dayconference with multiple workshops and presentations.

Each of the workshops and presentations will be offered twice in tthe course of he day tin order to give everyone multiple opportunities to attend the presentations to their heart's desires.  AND the last plenary session will give everyone an extraordinary opportunity to participate together in one large developmental experience !

9:00 am to 10:00 am & 10:30 am to 11:30 am

Workshop: Objective Setting Strategies with Mihai Stanescu

Managers and leaders know how to set objectives. For professional coaches and managers, however, this particular skill is crucial for obtaining top performance and a clear vision of the future. In this workshop you will explore several ‘classic’ and ‘modern’ objective-setting strategies and discover what strategy best fits you and your team. Based on a top quality coaching approach, this workshop will also help you learn to coach in a very practical manner.

Workshop: A coaching supervision demo using feed-forwarding  with Alain Cardon

Supervision is the most practical way for a coach to develop coaching skills after attending a course on the fundamentals of the profession.  In this demo, a systemic supervision sequence will be led by Alain Cardon involving volunteers among the participants and giving all an opportunity to actively experience feed-forward during a coaching supervision sequence.

Workshop: Workshop: The art of asking COACHING questions  with Cristina Manole

As a coach, setting your mind on asking questions during the coaching session is one of the most important part of the job. How does your frame of reference influence the coaching relationship and coaching process? During the workshop, the participants will experience the challenge of raising their awarness on their values and how they project in their questions. They will also test their capacity of being spontaneous and intuitive.  

Workshop: Managing Perspectives vs. Managing People with Dan Mocanu

When we work with  people it is just a matter of time before we develop entrenched ways to  relate to them, before we get to know them.  These ways limit the affinity with others and their ability  to perform and express their full potential. In this workshop you will distinguish a few filters (as set patterns to relate to others) that you and other human beings develop over time in relationships with others.  You will discover the power of listening from the space of coaching to yourself and others in ways in which you can  bring new life into any relationship.

12:00 am to 1:00 pm & 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Presentation & Discussion: The three-corner contract in coaching and the limit of objectives by Cristina Manole
Coaching in different organizations is a result of the contract between: 1. the management of the organization (HR, direct manager), 2. the designed client and 3. the coach. This is the three-corner contract . It is very important how to set clear objectives between the 3 parts of the relationship. The objectives agreed by the client(s) take more time to achieve than the time limit proposed. How do you approach this kind of situations as a coach? How can you manage the situation as a designed client?

Presentation & Discussion: Dynamics of supervision by Alain Cardon
Different coaching settings and styles need different supervision structures.  A coach may primarily offer face to face coaching or business coaching or life coaching or phone coaching or executive coaching or team coaching, etc. It is important to know how to choose the appropriate type of supervision to develop excellence in the type of coaching one offers or one wants to develop.  This presentation will be followed with Q & A s.

Presentation & Discussion: Managing Change vs. Transformation with Dan Mocanu
The economic crisis demands new ways of doing business. Yesterday's success does not guarantee tomorrow's. We live in a business environment where most change initiatives -worldwide- have a very, very small rate of success. Adapting to new situations requires a fundamental organizational culture change, a new organizational future as a context for action. In this presentation you will gain an access to "the Network of Conversations" a powerful tool that will allow you to distinguish the very systemic fabric of the organizational culture and what makes organizational transformation possible.  Transforming the Network of Conversations in an organization -going beyond "more, better and/or different" outcomes that are mere extensions of the past- leads to new actions in the present that lead to sustainable, breakthrough results. You will distinguish the power of your "listening" in shaping your organization's future.

Presentation & Discussion:  Most effective types of coaching by Mihai Stanescu
In the past few years, a lot has been said about what fits best for a corporate manager or an entrepreneur, concerning coaching. Especially with individuals and team which resist development and growth. The subject of the presentation is to deliver a situational perspective over the coach’s styles and techniques involved in developing any client.

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Plenary session:   (with the Four Trumpeteers)       Discover Your Inner CoachWhat is in the coaching relationship?  Through a quick exercise, a team of four coaches will accompany your exploration of one-on-one relationships and help you discover what you know about yourself, your partner and the relationship in a coaching situation.   Plenty of personal, one-on-one and small-group space will be allowed for you to work your way in the discovery of your inner coach.  Come prepared for an afternoon of fun and exploration.
Why I should attend this workshop  (please choose only one item):
  1. To work with people who successfully developed managers into leaders, and were catalysts for organizational breakthrough results.
  2. To gain direct access to highly effective approaches and powerful tools to address day-to-day work-life issues that leaders, managers and individuals being part of a team face.
  3. To gain direct access to new levels of individual and team performance.
  4. To gain direct access to organizational transformation.
  5. To discover the space of coaching as an elegant and highly effective approach to individual and organizational change, an indispensable tool for the new era of business.
  6. To get a fresh, top class perspective of the coaching process and impact, based upon firsthand experiences and information.
  7. To open, refresh, refine my practice in people and performance management and to engage more seriously in coaching my team members.
  8. To experiment new coaching approaches and techniques, with strong and lasting results.
  9. To learn while having fun and meeting great people.
  10. All the above, plus direct access to a host of resonating patterns
Price: 275 € plus VAT
Location: Bucharest Marriott Hotel
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Metasysteme S.A.S.
50 rue Rambuteau
75003 Paris, FRANCE

+33 (0) 607 97 84 72

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