A Taste of Summer

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24 Iulie 2010

Dear friends,

Just back from a trip to Mauritius Island for a week of rest and recreation, sun and sea, getting tanned silly, reading three no-brain novels, overindulging in massages and sleeping off months of stressful transitioning.  I strongly recommend the experience.  And now, we are back working in Romania and I'm getting my mind and heart ready for another three-day team-coaching stint with still another new corporate client.  But having had this first taste of summer vacation, my energy has definitely shifted.

With a little more perspective on the past few months, today feels like we're finally coming out of a year of deep and thorough transformational process.  Our house in Southern France will be sold in August: all our belongings have been either thrown away or moved out and stored, patiently waiting for our next Parisian home.  I am equally astonished at the amount of stuff we have accumulated over the years, and at the ease with which we have let it go.  It feels really great to shed off useless clutter. 

A new publisher has just accepted my next book project in France, and I am to hand it in at the end of August. A new assistant is taking over the administrative work in my French company, and should be operational for September.  A good number of new corporate clients are lined up for exciting in-depth coaching work starting September.  And most important, our health issues are being resolved to confirm once again that everything that seems "out there" is also internal, in our minds, in our bodies and in our souls.

Considering everything that is being transformed, the above examples are indeed just the tip of the iceberg.  They simply illustrate the major internal changes we have been preparing in the course of the past year and actively implementing in the last few months.  Consequently, my current state of mind is appreciative of the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, the straight road after the numerous bumpy curves, the fresh air after a year of stormy personal and professional weather.  

So considering that I have regularly shared my life and work experiences over the years,  I am now very happy to communicate the fact that all our personal and professional indicators seem to be pointing in the right direction to an exciting and very constructive future.  All lights are turning to green. Again, I thank you all for your flawless support.


Next year's agenda coaching individual, team and organizational clients is already looking quite promising.  I am also preparing the Metasysteme Coach Academy program for the 2010 year-end and spring 2011 with a good number of workshops, training and supervision programs to be delivered all over Europe in French and in English. 

As usual, keep in mind that all these coach education programs are ACSTH validated by the international Coach Federation.  What's more, these coach training programs are appreciated by a growing public for their short and focused length, their pertinent and systemic content, their very competitive price and their exceptional quality.  I feel truly blessed by all this recognition.  And now, here is part of the menu:

In Bucharest, in English

As in the past, the whole Metasysteme Coaching Academy training program will be offered by Metasysteme Coaching SRL, in English and in Bucharest.  For numerous years now, we have actively been participating in the development the coaching profession and community in Romania, and we intend to continue fulfilling this mission by providing the best quality coach training that can be found.  For more details and to register for any of the training or supervision programs presented below, consult: https://www.metasysteme-coaching.ro/romana/agenda-si-preturi-2010/
The next Bucharest Coaching Fundamentals cycle starts September 20-21 and ends in December.   This is quite rapidly after summer  and it seems to filling faster than usual, so plan ahead.   But if you still need to think, the following program will start in January 2011.  Just  remember this is the best program on the market.  It is increasingly centered on developing truly systemic coaches.  It positions the art of coaching within an original, international, powerful and very performing context.  Participants can be either beginning or confirmed coaches, and all those who want to position the acquisition of coaching skills within their profession, using an intuitive, intimate and powerfully systemic frame of reference.
The Metacoach advanced workshops in Bucharest are programmed to be delivered throughout the next twelve months with the Delegated Processes workshop in October 25-26, 2010.  This workshop is foundational to understanding and training as team and organization coaches.. The Individual and Team Diagnosis workshop is programed for February 2011. The very popular Cubes and Risk Management workshop is planned for May 2011, and the Breakthrough workshop will take place in September of the same year . Beyond the practical team-coaching and organization-coaching tools they deliver, each of these two-day workshops provide each with an opportunity to discover numerous unexpected perspectives on how they can truly develop their professional management or coaching skills and posture.
The Bucharest Supervision group is an all time favorite for coaches of all levels, who are practicing their trade in a variety of very different types of markets.   This shared learning group meets on the basis of one day per month, all year.  And it is truly amazing how much I learn accompanying other coaches in their quest for improvement.  Thank you all to those who have participated in this cycle for the past four years.  As usual, for more information, to register, you can check the dates and conditions on the www.metasysteme-coaching.ro website.

In Paris, and in French

To make a long story short, the exact same Metaysteme Coach Academy program is offered in Paris as in Bucharest.  There is a slight difference: everything is in French, and most attendees are French.  All the programs are on a roll and the school experiences growing international recognition and notoriety, which really frustrates non-french speakers in Western Europe.  For what more can I ask?

One novelty in France is that we will be starting a supervision cycle in Lyon in January 2011.  This group will replace the previous Brussels supervision group.   For dates and registration, of our whole France program, go to :  https://www.metasysteme.fr/francais/dates-et-inscriptions/

In Madrid, in English and Spanish

Now this is really new:  starting September 2011, we will be progressively offering a complete Metasysteme Coaching Academy program in Madrid, in both English and Spanish (mixed).  This will be developed with Claude Arribas, PCC, and a local business partner in Madrid: I2C.   This last  June, I have already delivered an open conference in Madrid to launch the program, and Claude has demonstrated the systemic supervision program that he will be leading.  Starting this September, we will simultaneously start a Supervision cycle and Coaching Fundamentals course. Metacoach advanced workshops will follow shortly after.  For more information on this complete coach training program, go to : https://www.i2c.es/web/

In Hamburg, in English

I love the city.  And I will be delivering another exceptional "Metacoach" Breakthough Process workshop there this coming November 22 and 23.  This workshop clearly demonstrates how team coaches can move beyond just working on team relational processes to embrace more practical team ambitions by accompanying team work focused on measurable operational results.  Indeed, coaching is not only humanist.  It is also, and maybe mainly about achieving success.  For more information on the workshop and to register for this intercultural event (participants come to Hamburg from all over Europe) consult  Christina Quirin's website : https://www.cq-kommunikation.com/aktuelles.html

So as you may have gathered, my 2010-2011 season is already looking great.  But... it is still summer now, and soon time for us to take the next installment of our well earned vacation.  I wish that you will also be able to use this time to regroup with friends and family, refocus on essentials, recenter yourselves on the true meaning of your lives and professions, thoroughly refresh your minds and souls, and just plainly rest and recreate.  

Please do not hesitate to send this newsletter to anyone you think could profit from it, and thank you again for your kind support of my mission in Romania, my development as a coach and for being present at my side during this past very eventful year. 


P.S. :I have shared the surprise below on the Linkedin Metasysteme group.  Hope you like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zmwRitYO3w