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17 Octombrie 2010


You may be aware that team coaching is the one development process that can provoke major evolution in team and organizational effectiveness.  More and more Romanian organizations are turning to this approach to prepare for their future challenges.   As an international expert in the field of team coaching, I am proposing a workshop on the subject this coming October 25 & 26:DON'T MISS IT !!!

Two intensive days to acquire management and coaching skills to better lead executive teams as performance-focused collaborative environments.  This advanced workshop is specifically tailored for leaders, project and network managers, team and organizational coaches and team building consultants.

Outcomes: The participants will acquire:

  • A clearly defined and new systemic understanding of the nature of results-oriented and truly empowered, participative teams.
  • A set of tools to create such environments in their own teams and organizations or the ones they accompany as consultants and coaches.  
  • Personal behaviors that will help each define and assume pertinent positions as team members, team leaders or team coaches.
  • A new awareness and tools to accompany organization change processes of fifty or more participants as these work on achieving strategic and operational success (organization coaching).
  • New tools to effectively implement information, stop rumors,  make  and communicate collective  decisions, follow up action plans, etc. in performing teams  and organizations.

Systemic delegation processes are communication architectures that permit major shifts in team and organization paradigms and cultures. They facilitate collective growth, better transverse collaboration, ownership, accountability, team maturity and focus on results, constructive confrontation, and general business sense.

Basic understanding of management and coaching is necessary as this workshop will not cover the fundamentals of a management or coaching posture.

To register: https://www.metasysteme-coaching.ro/romana/actualit%C4%83%C5%A3i/team-development-workshop.html



There is room for a few more participants in Metasysteme's ongoing supervision group.   Supervision is a privileged learning environment for professional coaches.  We propose a one-day group supervision per month, leaning, sharing and growing in a collective environment with other trained Romanian coaches.  This process also prepares for passing any level of International Coach Federation Certification (ACSTH).


To register: https://www.metasysteme-coaching.ro/romana/agenda-si-preturi-2010/


November 11 & 12, in association with Competent Consulting, Metasysteme Coaching, Noble Manhattan Mind Master, come and participate in two days of workshops, a roundtable, presentations of case studies of team coaching and organization coaching, etc.

Application deadline is October 25, 2010. Submissions are to Cristina Eremia, ARC Executive Director, Tel. 0726 602 037,  Email: cristina@coaching-guild.ro

Hope to see you on one of these occasions