Summer Shorts for 2011
Useful information for my Romanian friends and network.

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11 Iulie 2011

Quick and short news, to prepare for the 2011 fall season, and to spread to your friends and network.   Have a good summer, and thank you.

In Bucharest (English)

This Bucharest (English language) program has been rolling since 2005 and you can consult the dates and prices on : https://www.metasysteme-coaching.ro/romana/agenda-si-preturi-2011/

NEXT "FUNDAMENTALS OF COACHING MASTERY" IN SEPTEMBER: Truly, the best training you will ever find on masterful systemic coaching.  Another will start in January,  and another in April.  This is an ICF-validated program to prepare you for ICF certification as a professional coach. 

BREAKTHROUGH METACOACH WORKSHOP: September 22-23, For managers, leaders, coaches, and normal people, a two-day experience to fundamentally reconsider your success patterns, life goals, company objectives, key projects, or what you really want.  Excellent training to prepare fore team coaching.  Other workshops next year.

SUPERVISION FOR PROFESSIONAL COACHES: An ongoing one-day-per-month, all year supervision group. A intense and practical way to develop true presence and general coaching mastery.

ANOTHER BOOK TO BE PUBLISHED: (Romanian version of a book published in France) Expected for the end of September, an annotated dictionary of systemic coaching terms and definitions.  Every definition is a proposal to stretch your perspectives on coaching, management and reality.

In Madrid (English)

METASYSTEME COACH TRAINING IN MADRID:  Just like in Paris and Bucharest and in English!  Starting January 2012, we will offer a "Fundamentals of Coaching Mastery" course: an ICF validated ACSTH on systemic coaching.  Later in the year, we will gradually offer the rest of the Measysteme Coach Academy program. 

And yes, this program is directly proposed by Metasysteme, at Metasysteme prices, with Metasysteme's online administration: https://www.metasysteme.eu/english/dates-locations-and-prices-in-20112012/coaching-fundamentals-madrid.html  As usual, your word of mouth will help this project succeed, so do not hesitate to inform all your Spanish friends.

In Hamburg (English)

WORKSHOP IN HAMBURG, "Risk Management / Cubes Exercise": A two-day workshop in English on any or all short-term or long-term, individual and collective, personal and professional, project, life, leadership, management, patterns.  A simple, practical tool that truly illustrates the creative depth of systemic coaching.  To consult the program: https://www.metasysteme.eu/english/metacoach-systemic-team-coaching-workshops/#sum5214 This workshop is organized by Christina Quirin. To register:  https://www.metasysteme.eu/english/hamburg-contact-form/

In Paris (French)

METASYSTEME IS REALLY MOVING:  That is obvious to most, but in this case, we are moving our home-office.  Metasysteme's new location is at: 50 rue Rambuteau, 75003, PARIS, France. That is on the Place du Musée George Pompidou.  Google map: https://www.metasysteme.eu/english/address/  We'll be opening crates this August.

CONFERENCE FOR THE SFCOACH  October 11, I will present my reflexions on the Inner Edge of Coaching", where the most performing innovation in coaching is taking place.  The SFCOACH is the French Society of Coaches, a local professional association. The conference location will be posted on https://www.sfcoach.fr

CONFERENCE ON COACHING  January 12 at the Forum 104, on Presence without intention and other themes developed in my latest book: "L'art Véritable du Maître Coach" published i France by InterEdition.  Forum 104, 104 rue de Vaugirard, 75006, Paris. (And if you want to order the French book) : https://www.dunod.com/sciences-sociales-humaines/bien-etre-intereditions/developpement-personnel-coaching-et-accompagnemen/lart-du-veritable-maitre-coach)

In Liège (French)

SUPERVISION CYCLE: Pour nos amis du Nord et dès janvier 2012, ne pas oublier de réserver les dates, puis de s'inscrire à la rentrée...https://www.metasysteme.fr/francais/tarifs-dates-et-inscriptions/cycle-de-supervision-a-liege.html

AND... have an excellent vacation.  See you in the fall.

Coachingly yours