November 2012 Update

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20 Noiembrie 2012

Dear friends

Time flies.  It’s almost the end of 2012 and the time to evaluate this year’s achievements, to prepare for Christmas and to program next spring’s activity.  On top of that, I also have a number of ongoing projects that are inching beyond their deadlines. But this year-end, I seem to just want to just hibernate, or sit back and relax, observe, enjoy, and reflect.  This also keeps me quite busy. 

Personal update

Recently, I have lost a dear friend.  Thirty years of partnering and sharing have been put to an unexpected stop.  I am realizing that one at a time I will most probably lose other life companions over the coming years.  This reconnects me with another lifelong presence: my nagging existential solitude.  It has always been a sort of companion, at my side, slowly becoming a inseparable friend.

I will soon become a grandpa.  Official for next May. He or she will be a New Yorker, or more intimately a Yankee.  I already feel that I am entering a new life phase, personally, as a couple, and within a much larger extended family.  Silently, we are all preparing to make space for and welcome the next generation. 

Professionally, I am at last recognizing that I am becoming a really good coach.  It has taken so long and has been so hard to start believing in myself, to find my personal foundation, my inner posture.  This seems to have been an endless quest.  What a joy at last, to feel that I can somewhat follow my feelings, embrace my sensations, trust my intuitions, let go of the superfluous and quickly and simply focus on essentials.  I daily seize and savor the little golden nuggets that coaching (and life) regularly brings my way.  I can even cherish the occasional more difficult moments.  They almost systematically offer new easy opportunities to question and allow for innovation.

In Romania, I am witnessing that more and more of my ex-students are getting ICF certification, as ACC and PCC internationally certified coaches.  This is the result of many years of investment building the local coach community.  Beyond Romania, many of these professionals are beginning to get recognition with European clients, are becoming good international executive coaches.

My Romanian corporate clients are also offering me new playgrounds, allowing me to explore new horizons, attracting me into experimenting new forms of explorative work.  If I feel that I am doing much less than ever before, I also find that we are succeeding together much more. In a lighter way, we are all getting much better results.

I also have more time for myself, to think, to write, to wander around, to mature.  I find myself more unpredictable, less organized, more opportunist, less linear, more adaptable, more patient, sometimes more to the point.  Who is this new person? Maybe at last, I am arriving to the proverbial wisdom of a mature age.  Being sixty three is a blessing.

I find extraordinary pleasure in sharing my experience, in writing, in training others, in helping out younger and less agile professionals first to perceive and then to explore and inhabit their inner territories.  It is a tremendous personal joy when I perceive that others are opening to themselves and engaging in their own personal and professional discovery process.  In a way, I am passing on my passion for my job.

Early 2013 program

As usual, my professional activity and my more formal writings are posted on www.metasysteme-coaching.eu .  This website now receives over 7000 visitors monthly, originating from over 110 countries.  On a more regular basis, I also share personal reflections on my Facebook page (Alain Cardon MCC).  There, I often post dates for informal gatherings in a Bucharest café, where we can occasionally meet and share.  You are welcome to join in.  I also post some thoughts on systemic coaching on a Metasysteme Coaching resource page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/metasysteme.coaching/.  That page will soon have 2000 members.  Don’t hesitate to join.

In January and in Bucharest, our next English “Systemic Coaching Fundamentals” class will begin, and end in April. This course is already filling up, but there is still room for you or for the friends you may send.  To get a glimpse of the learning process this training offers, consult https://www.metasysteme-coaching.eu/english/metasysteme-coaching-training-architecture/ and to find out about the dates, prices and how to register in Romania, check  https://www.metasysteme-coaching.ro/romana/dates-prices-and-registration/

As for the “Systemic Supervision” Marathon on January 23-24-25, 2013, it is one of the best intensely practical ways to fine-tune your systemic coaching skills, and prepare for  ICF certification of all levels (ACC, PCC, and MCC).  It is also slowly filling up, and I expect it will host a few international coaches and a number of well-confirmed Romanian professionals.  To register: https://www.metasysteme-coaching.ro/romana/dates-prices-and-registration/

So that’s all for a rapid update and winter program.  I thank you again for your active word-of-mouth that has helped position Metasysteme Coaching among the best systemic coach-training providers for Romania and maybe even in all of Eastern Europe.  Again, I also thank you for your friendship and presence at my side for all these years.  

Coachingly yours,
Alain Cardon