2015 Year-end

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06 Decembrie 2015

Dear friends,

I hope you are all fine and healthy, and that your neighboring environment is safe.  It seems that wherever we are, globally related local events are getting us off focus.  We may all think that what is happening right next to us is exceptionnal, but with a little perspective, it seems all these local disturbances are connected to a major world-wide shift. 

On my end and in Paris, times have obviously been highly emotionally and socially hectic, to say the least. But I am also aware that although Paris has been central in the news, the same type of local disruption related to global transformations are going on in many other places.

Here, beyond the horror and the fear, the dramatic terrorist killings and bombings temporarily created a strong feeling of solidarity and rather positive social awakening.  And don't worry.  Paris didn't change:  Paris will always be Paris.   During the following weeks however, the COP-21 display of political ridicule, hollow public statements, power plays and police violence, were paradoxically all claiming to prepare a better future for the world.  They also served to reveal why so many anti-government movements surface in the first place.

Keeping my focus on what I do best to provoke change in my different local environments is one of the best ways for me to contribute.  Maybe like me today, you are also:

  • Gearing up to conclude what needs to be done by year-end,
  • Looking forwayd to your year-end break, and maybe vacation
  • Preparing for the first few months of 2016 in order to get the year off to a dynamic start.

So to keep you in the loop, below are short updates in these three areas.


To conclude this year

My English-language online Self-Coaching Journeys are improved, corrected and updated.  The service has been repositioned to better fit a managerial frame of reference.  The experience proposes several unfolding journeys during which participating managers (or coaches) are invited to make a series of consecutive choices.  After an immediate freemiumand for a small fee, a PDF report is then churned out of a large data base.  

The reports are based on a systemic conception of how our current behavioral strategies fit into patterns that we repeat in many different fields of interest.  Each one of us indeed displays similar collaborative patterns when we lead meetings and run projects, participate in relationships and teams, live our personal and professional lives, etc.   The detailed reports offer over twenty pages of feedback, first on your current successful strategies, then on your less effective patterns and finally on many options and solutions you could implement to achieve much better results with less effort. 

So don't hesitate to embark on this online Self-Coaching Journey!

Although I will continue to improve it over time, the above online service is now rolling out.  For those who have already tested it in the past and given me feedback, thank you so very much!  It was very useful.  Also know that even if the online journey and questionnaire is now modified, you can still go back and retrieve updated and redesigned reports.   Of course, you may want to experience the new service, and check how you have evolved since.

In France, this improved service is online since September, and many coaches have tested it for themselves first, used it to coach each other, used it to reconnect with some of their old clients (an excellent way to revive past relationshipz) and used it to refocus ongoing coaching contracts.  Some managers have also used the Self-Coaching Journey to discuss team dynamics with their business parners or to share on their relationships with their life partners.  Try it, and then give me more feedback!

The next development step for this service is to provide teams with an equivalent online collective level of team self-coaching perspectives and options.  In the near future, any group of eight or more members of a team or collaborative network will be able to obtain a detailed individual reports and a team or system report.  This report will give teams a synthetic perspective on its actualized collective patterns and strategies on one hand, and on the other hand on a number of practical options it could implement, should it collectively choose to develop differently.

Year-end vacation

Over the year end, we plan to go to the Caribbean and enjoy sunshine, warmer weather, swimming, farniente, good food and a well earned rest.  Not necessarily in that order!  I also know that this type of winter trip always allows me to take time to think and write.  I am sure I will come back refreshed and ready to begin 2016 with renewed energy and ready to move most of my projects onwards.  And yes, there's also those beautiful sunsets!!


Early 2016

Early January to March, we already have a number of commitments filling our agendas.  Many of these are in France, and a growing number are in Romania, and in English - a full three weeks of work in January alone!  

A number of international companies in Bucharest are soliciting me for organizational-coaching work.  Their reccuring request is for me to accompany a major internal cultural transformation to ensure much more empowered participation.  I am truly thankful for these opportunities and very excited to contribute to achieve such strategic game-changing objectives.  I also like to think that these internal programs will create space within which Romanian systemic team and organizational coaches will find their future clients.

In English, a number of open courses are planned.  Some are already fillling with both European and Romanian participants.   The well known and very successful Metasysteme-Coaching Systemic Coaching Fundamentals for managers and coaches will start January 25-26 in IASI  and another February 22-23 in Bucharest

For trained systemic coaches, managers and entrepreneurs we have also programmed an intensive three-day Systemic Supervision Marathon, January18-19-20, also in Bucharest.

Also, a Systemic Diagnosis workshop for managers and coaches is programmed for March 17-18 in Bucharest   This workshop indirectly focuses on the theory and coaching strategies implicit in the Self-Coaching Journey described above.  It provides a number of formal and intuitive systemic tools to better accompany individuals, teams and organizations.

As usual, all these are ACSTH - Validated by the ICF.  They have helped prepare most of the present-day ICF-certified coaches in Romania and strongly contributed to build its professional coaching com tomunity.   So don't hesitate to sign up, and tell your friends and networks about them!

And then, off to our quest

And after that..?  We are not looking much farther than early April.  That is when we will then start the second lap of our walk to Compostela.  This 950 kilometer trekking adventure will start where we left off on the French side of the Pyrenees, and take us accross into Spain, and then west to the Atlantic shore.  We hope to reach it by mid-May.  If all goes well, of course.

This will conclude the trip we started last year.  But it will probably also prepare the begining of something else, that we can barely start to immagine.  So we will keep those thoughts for our next newslettters.

Thank you all for your presence here, and do not hesitate to send me news of your own projects and lives.  And do drop in when in Paris or Bucharest!

Take good care, have an excellent year end, and see you soon

Alain & Geanina