TWO Metasysteme-Coaching ACSTH programs

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18 Februarie 2016

Metasysteme-Coaching delivers TWO professional coach-training programs

AND both these coach-training programs are validated (ACSTH) by the Coach Federation:

The first program is the most well known as of today: The Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching.  It’s notoriety all over Europe is widely established.  It trains coaches to embody the foundational skills of systemic coaching. This program lasts nine days structured in four sessions: three times two days plus a last three-day event. It is generally spread over four months.  It is delivered in Paris, Spain and Romania twice or three times a year, ant there, in both in Bucharest and other cities.

The training architecture is delegated and extremely active.  It offers many opportunities to extensively practice the foundational skills of systemic coaching.  It addresses beginning coaches, active professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, etc.  It is essentially centered on one-on-one and phone coaching, short and very effective solution-centered and action-oriented sessions, and teaches very effective systemic tools designed by Metasysteme Coaching.  It addresses all forms of personal, professional, career, life, teen, manager, entrepreneurial, etc. coaching.  

This program allows participants to

  • Acquire a true peer-based coaching attitude, posture and skill sets and
  • Participate in a powerful and actively collaborative learning and development community.
This last characteristic Is extremely important in as much as it provides participants with the networking competencies that are so important to foster the type of digital and collaborative culture that modern organizations desperately need to develop.

This first program is a coherent ensemble that offers 63 ACSTH coach-training hours plus one hour of mentoring that can allow a participant join the ICF as a member OR to apply to the ICF in view of passing professional coach certification.

The second Metasysteme, less well-known program is the METACOACH team-coaching and organizational coaching program.  It includes:

  • Four two-day workshops, each centered on specific professional themes, with varying learning architecures plus:
  • A collective supervision process made of three-day marathons offered twice a year in Bucharest and organized in a team-meeting or executive committee format. 
These four workshops and the supervision process are designed as both complementary and autonomous training programs:
  • For coaches who are already certified, each of the workshops provides 14 CCEU ICF-validated hours. 
Each workshop is offered once per year in Bucharest and in other European cities such as Amsterdam, Madrid, Iasi, etc. These workshops are independent: they can be attended in any order.
  • The supervision marathons provide 7 CCEU credits plus one hour of individual mentoring per full day of attendance.

They are also proposed in Paris, Bucharest and Madrid, and occasionally in other European cities.

For non-certified coaches, the total METACOACH process represents a second complete ACSTH program that allows a participant to apply as an ICF member OR to apply to the ICF in view of passing professional coach certification.

Consequently, the two Metasysteme ACSTH training programs are totally independent and the METACOACH program itself is composed of independent modules that can be attended in any desired order.

However these two ACSTH training programs are very complementary in as much as they train systemic coaches to be competent both in the coaching one-on-one core business and in the more particular field of team and organizational coaching.

These two coach-training programs also position the coaching profession and coaching competencies in total coherency with the current worldwide digital revolution. Indeed they are both born in the same period, around 1990-1995.  The two actively and globally accompany ongoing transformational processes and their personal, professional, political, economical, etc. consequences. In this context, it is obvious that more and more individual and collective coaches will be solicited to accompany deep personal and cultural shifts that have yet to be defined, in a worldwide systemic perspective. 

Our ambition: The learning architecture and the content of both Metasysteme ACSTH coach-training programs are designed to prepare the best systemic coaches for the future.


The Individual and Team Diagnosis workshop, planned for March 17 & 18 in Bucharest, offers a synthesis of diagnostic approaches on different levels such as between team profiles, organizational cultures, personalities and other systems.  This workshop is resolutely focused on the behaviors and skills that different types of systems display and on their capacity to learn, evolve or transform in time.  The question of collaborative, liberated, network, hierarchy-free, peer-driven organizations is extensively covered as is the coaching profession’s function in accompanying such emerging organizations.  The Metasysteme online self-coaching journey also introduced as a dynamic coaching tool.

Later in June:

Two Risk management (Cubes) workshops are planned for this coming June: one in Bucharest and one in Iasi, Romania.  This workshop offers a very elegant and powerful way to recognize and modify personal and collective patterns is the way we set goals, succeed, play with limits and security, cooperate and compete, develop and grow, strategize, work individually and in teams, etc.  All this simultaneously, and in a systemic fashion. Limited to twenty participants per workshop.

A three-day Supervision Marathon is programmed in Bucharest from June 30 to July 2.  With up to fifteen participants, supervision groups are designed to model teamwork and executive team meetings, to permit individual coaching, to cover client case studies, to practice coaching skills and systemic competencies, to work through personal issues or towards professional ambitions, and all this simultaneously, in a systemic fashion!

That's all for now !

We hope this clarifies the difference between our two ACSTH coach-training programs, and their complementarity.  Many of our participants attend a mix of both programs, if not all of both of them.

Do not hesitate to call us for more information, and to spread the information to others who may benefit from our competencies.  We count mostly on client word-of-mouth to ensure our marketing, so thank you! And hope to see you very soon.