07 Septembrie 2020

Dear friends

Here we are again begining a new Fall season.  After a confined spring and very restrincting summer, we were waiting for this.  We were hoping to get back to some form of business as usual, a relative normality, even if with a few minor adjustments.

Yes, but no!  The world is still in a turmoil, constantly adjusting, reconsidering, reconfiguring.  One by one all certainties are disappearing,  Hardly anything can be held to be sure, safe or true.  The political and media Babel is relentlessly spinning, wagging the dog.  Polarized politicians and voters all bend the truth when they are not repeating lies.  We have not much to believe as real, to lean on, and no actionable levers for personal or professional solutions. Six month visibility, even four-week predictability has become a regretted past luxury.  Nobody really knows what the future holds. In this dismal context, I do have a direction, however, one personal avenue that seems to be appropriate if not useful for me today.    

First a word on our vacation as a couple, in fact an almost monastic withdrawal.  We took a month off to consume minimally, mostly fish, fruit, veggies, detox.  As if on a health and spiritual retreat.  Sunrise 6am breakfast, followed by four hours of walks and swims along the local shore, just down the hill.  Fresh sea air, iodine and salt, clear skies and sunlight.  Then two hours of yoga, Pilates and meditation.  This for thirty days, as time is of the essence.

Add two hours per person of Rolfing - Postural integration therapy every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon.  Rolfing is an intense deep-tissue fascia healing massage, that digs into embodied residuals and memories deeply stored in our muscles, tendons, organs and cells.  These materialized memories go way back, to birth if not before.  And I still need time to digest and anchor the consequences of the deep personal cleansing that reached all the way into hidden corners of my soul!

In effect beyond apparent facts, this summer has allowed me to continue the personal introspection initiated during the preceding confinement months.  This time away from the city, in close contact with an awesome natural environment, with no Zoom clients, without internal pressure to produce, with nothing else than the calling to dig deep inside, as far as I could go.  Relentlessly, I reached for empty, to then reboot with another primal inspiration.  Through this body work, I have explored my darkest corners, revived my deepest roots, experimented with new balance, unfolded a refreshing verticality, recovered my Northern Star.  Note that this September, my inner work is far from finished.  And that is a good thing, for with my restless leg syndrome, I am a walker and this road is truly fulfilling!

To embrace the season, I sense that my first priority, my foundation and my path are all internal.  In my present environment, I first need to count, rest and lean on myself.  This intovert path allows me to be better centered, more present, more aware and focused on essentials, more resilient and resistant to the surrounding fears, turmoil and hysteria.  To offer a coaching metaphor, this is probably all about solidly anchoring my internal posture.   To better accompany others, I clearly feel that continuing my inner journey is today the best avenue I can choose.  This may in fact be a defining criteria of my seventies passage.

So as unpredictable and senseless as they may appear, I am in fact rather intrigued by current events.  I feel as if I were an actor in a play and on a stage that does not concern me in all that much.  More than participating in the surrounding confusion, I want to follow my inner reality, savor my inner freedom, innovate in who I am.


In order to remain connected with you and continue to
contribute however, my menu for the coming season follows my usual
offer: individual and team coaching, coach training and supervision,
reflecting and writing, mentoring a few chosen apprentices...  I do
regret that so far, organizational coaching experiences to accompany
groups of 60 to 90 participants seem to be put on hold.  Clients are
limiting all their perceived risk-taking to almost zero!

for all that could limit Metasysteme’s capacity to deliver, we have
proved since March that when necessary, we can ensure almost all our
individual, team, manager and coach training and supervision work
online, via ZOOM. 

In fact, all our results-oriented
systemic-coaching skills designed to boost in-house meeting
collaborative results also powerfully serve online work-from-home and
distributed network configurations.  So today, we are very well
positioned to internationally provide all Metasysteme services.  Thiss in
while reducing our carbon footprint and travel expenses by more than

On this theme, a simple cocktail composed of a few simple, new
behavioral habits, a pinch of inovating methods, sprinked with tried and
proven techniques can ensure VERY effective and motivating online
meetings.  It seems too many companies are preserving ineffective
meeting-room habits online, and then claiming that the difficulty is
with using such tools as ZOOM.  We are convinced the surge of online
adaptations provoked by the current epidemic can help measurable boosts
both in personal motivation and in collective results!  Try us!

Also available online, a series of new « Systemic Coaching
Collection » books are available on Kindle and Amazon Books
Including translations in French, English, Spanish and now Italian,
this list includes ten to fifteen new online titles.  The last one titled
"Quantum Perspective Systemic Coaching" is now available in Spanisha and soon in French, and one coming title will stretch
limits on systemic coach powerful questions.   Don’t miss these!

Sign of the times: Sunrise fighting through the clouds.


Training and supervision for systemic coaches and managers

The English-language Bucharest training programs listed below are planned to be delivered on location.  When face-to-face, participants indeed experience coaching skills much more intensely.  This boosts their learning commitment!  Should any health safety issue emerge however, we totally are prepared to switch overnight in order to ensure online work.

IN BUCHAREST: The Systemic Coaching Fundamentals program begins September 17-18 to end December 10-11-12, 2020.  Registration is still open.  This three-month deep-learning personal and professional experience is totally in synch with today’s global COVID disruptive transition.  All in one, The program is:

  • Both a professional transformation process and a personal existential quest. 
  • It allows for the acquisition of very practical behavioral skills and the development of authentic personal coach presence and being. 
  • It is both centered on the traditional core foundation of the coaching profession and totally innovating, resting on post millennial paradigms. 
  • It is focused on profound respect of client space and being, while intensely demanding on achieving measurable results. 

It is intense, immediately actionable and one of the cheapest personal and professional deep-training programs on the international market.  Over the past fifteen years, this course’s training architecture has proven its operationaleffectiveness

IN BUCHAREST: Consider also the Delegated Processes Workshop November 5-6, 2020.  For team and organizational coaches and managers.

  • This program delivers a team and system coaching approach that turns out to be almost vitally adapted to today’s COVID-19 general business reconfiguration and distributed, work-from-home, network-based organizations. 
  • It clearly spells out how how professional systems need to reposition management cultutes away from a role that ensures centralized expertise or control, in order to develop the capacity to orchestrate larger collaborative networks and communities. 

The Metasysteme coaching approach in this field is so performing that it is regularly reproduced, adapted if not plagiarized in an almost viral, therefore systemic fashion.

RESIDENTIAL (close to Bucharest): The Systemic Coach Supervision Marathon on October 7-8-9, 2020.  This new residential format has been experimented in France and is really worth the experience, allowing participants to work much more deeply, with almost total availability to themselves and their development. 

  • Intensely focused on the practice of powerful coaching skills including systemic presence to pertinent patterns, such three-day supervision marathons are excellement ways for validated coaches to prepare to pass ACC, PCC, and MCC credentials. 

Needless to say, these marathons are tremendous learning experiences for me too, so thank you all!

A KIND REQUEST to you all: Even more than in the past, the present Covid environment is difficult for all, including us.  So do not hesitate to support our work by communicating this information to all those who could benefit from our work.  And thank you in advance.

NEW, depending on emerging inspiration, I will offer an occasional 4-hour online Masterclass covering a variety of essential systemic coaching themes and the content of recent books published on Kindle and Amazon Books. To keep yourselves posted, consult the Metasysteme training agenda and do connect with me on LINKEDIN.  Also on these pages, we will post other international English-language training and sharing opportunities.  Indeed, for the international market, we are set to deliver most of our coach-developement learning adventures online.

NEW SEPTEMBER 26, 2020, online and translated to Spanish for our Latin American friends, I am participating in a round-table online conference with Desafio Coaching Trente Dias.  This talk will be delivered with two other well-known international coaches.  Hope to see you there too!!

And for the rest...

All in all, back in a classroom seeting, our Paris and Bucarest activity is rather stable.  My more personal focus and the Covid-19 effect is limiting our urge to travel as extensively as in the past.  We will be more ZOOM based.

As a couple however, we are organizing more of our retreats, escapades, and pilgrimages to reflect, meditate and realign with ourselves.  This has become our -foundation for all the rest. 

And of course, i will continue to privilege our one-on-one dialogues, so long as they serve to deepen the connections that the current confinement and distancing are gradually destroying.  So do not hesitate to reach out for a meeting to share a café, a healthier detox juice or beer, a meal, or whatever else to enjoy our presence together.


Alain Cardon