12 Decembrie 2022

Dearest friends

I do hope you are all well and thriving!  That your year is concluding on a positive note, with exciting perspectives for the coming year 2023.  If year-end vacations are a good time to rest and recuperate, enjoy family and regroup with friends, they also serve to evaluate recent achievements and the coming year's goals and more exciting challenges.

On my end... this past year... I seem to have been solicited to contribute in more innovative ways. Or it is I who transforms classical requests to veer off beaten tracks.  Whatever the reason, I seem to have been on a creative spree, updating my life and work to re-align with some of my deeper motivations.    

  • Last May, I presented a first-ever team-coaching demonstration live and on stage, in the ICF-Estonia national coaching conference : Estonia DemonstrationThe volunteer client team was the local ICF Chapter, authentically participating in front of their constituency and clients, an offline public of 200, plus online of 300.  Considering only one hour was allotted, including question-and-answer time from the audience, the actual demo is less than twenty minutes long.
  • Following the general enthusiasm expressed by participants in another conference for ICF-Hauts de France
    (in French) on organizational Coaching, or on how to simultaneously accompany up to 10
    teams, the top 90 key organizational players. Several articles have
    emerged from this talk.   The deep-coaching professional
    experience on which rests the two above conferences and related articles are
    taught in Metasysteme Coaching's new METACOACH program (see below).  
  • More recently in Rome, (in English, translated to Italian) I presented another original and definitely more personal conference, on the two opposite ends of my personal life: On the one hand on how my childhood "traumas" have very specifically helped me shape some of my main professional qualities and patterns. On the other hand on the unexpected strategic potentials mirrored or echoed in my recent challenges with physical aging.  All that under the theme of deeper professional coach gratitude.  An intimate subject for me, greatly appreciated by the wonderful Italian audience. Incidentally, this may become the subject of future publications.
  • Also in French, an Interview with Thierry Nadisic in which I cover a list of errors to avoid when coaching with Metasysteme-Coaching's landmark Delegated Processes.  The deeper frame of reference and purpose of this key team-coaching set of skills have quite unfortunately often been reduced to a set of directives, simply handed top-down by trainers and consultants who focus on enforcing a method or tool without a purpose : just limited to playing out four meeting roles. 
  • Another fun conference for a financial public in Paris (also in French), could be titled "The undersides of executive teams". The theme covers less conscious "deep-coaching"
    family patterns, interactive processes, politics and relational games that are common both to family and team constellations.  The subject is also covered in the new METACOACH training architecture presented further below. 
October in FLORENCE, five days of online work, nine days and nights enjoying the city !


A few investments

Related to my aging issues mentioned above, ongoing personal health research and work in diverse physical therapies, intensive stretching and yoga, muscle toning, food supplements, meditation, etc. finally seem to be bearing measurable positive results.  At long last!    I am noticing that my physical equilibrium is improving, including better agility and speed, less backaches and spinal spasms, less hip-joint pain - so I'll postpone the operation - less restless-leg syndrome, better general posture, etc… We're even toying with the project of embarking on another long walkabout/pilgrimage this coming spring !

On the shorter horizon, I am solicited by various coaching communities to deliver my "MCC wisdom and perspectives" in coming conferences, workshops and coaching.   This is for ICF France, a group of ICF coaches in Quebec, in a Paris "Team-Coaching" public event, maybe soon within an international ONG, etc.  This is all volunteer work, a great way to show appreciation and "pay back" for our profession's benefit.   Dates for each of these events will be posted on my LINKEDIN FEED as the year unfolds.  Connect with me if we are not yet linked !

I am continuously improving the METACOACH team coaching program, to the point of today delivering a state-of-the-art transformational crucible for deep-coaching personal, organizational and community development.   This second Metasysteme coach-training program already delivers results in keeping with those expected from the "Systemic Coaching Fundamentals", as you know more focused on training one-on-one systemic coaches.

I am also creatively preparing the administrative migration from two ACSTH programs to one ICF LEVEL II , including a built-in ACTC (team-coach) validation.  The whole program will also be open to transfers and equivalences to and from other coaching schools and training programs.

To conclude on the theme of innovation, I am preparing two new AMAZON books and more than four translations of existing works, new conferences with commitments into 2024, more experimenting with organizational-coaching clients, new coach-training programs, etc. I'm also noticing that Geanina and I travel differently, more creatively entangling work and leisure travel to introduce more variety, unpredictability and pleasure in our lives (photo above).

  • I admit being slightly impatient to see where all this will measurably lead to in the next one or two years. 

I'm also conscious that during my intensely creative periods, I tend to follow my internal instincts, sometimes retract and communicate less, be more solitary, forget to promote and sell, focus more on developing quality than on achieving immediate results.  So please do reach out to me when and if you feel the need: don't hesitate to contact me for a meeting, a shared coffee or lunch, a dialogue just to share, or for an exciting project.  I will always respond with great pleasure.. 

Spring 2023 Open Program

In 2022, I have slightly reduced my training commitments.  I may reduce them even more this coming year.  Many schools are available to respond to the public thirst for coaching diplomas and certification.   As I count just on word-of-mouth and social media for my marketing, Metasysteme-Coaching's offer is somewhat drowned in the coaching market's noise. Luckily our developmental programs are perceived to be life-and-career-changing experiences.  So considering the need for deep-coaching concerns in today's crazy corporate, social and political world, these may serve their purpose for a little while more. So thank you kindly for your participation, and unfleging support for my work over the years.

Risk-management, Cubes, January 12-13.   In Bucharest.  This is the only independent workshop remaining out of the four I delivered in the past.  It provides an illustration and synthesis of my systemic approach in individual and team deep-coaching.  And it can work wonders when one is coaching careers, projects, life cycles, transitions, ambitions, collaborative work, etc.  Participants attend both to work on their own personal and professional issues and to acquire skills and tools they can immediately use with their clients.  One of Metasysteme Coaching's classics !

Systemic Coaching Fundamentals Starts January 16-17 in Bucharest.   That is THE foundational training program to attend in order to become a performing systemic coach. It provides deep-training on the systemic coaching approach that I have been developing for more than 30 years, and is still perceived as the international benchmark in the field. Testimonials  

METACOACH, starting February 16-17 (Online) The focus of my creative development for the past and coming years !!! A thorough team and organizational coach-training program for managers and coaches. For individual or networks of coaches (4-5 participants) and reduced operational teams (key players).  Focused on deep team and organization transformations that necessarily begin with coach and leadership commitment to first change themselves and their own lives.  To participate, first attending the Fundamentals (above) is not mandatory. Do not hesitate to contact me for a telephone conversation when you register, in order to understand this really innovating learning adventure.

Excellent Christmas and year end !!!

To conclude, I wish you an exceptional end of year, great feasting and deep connections with yourself, family and friends, AND an excellent year in 2023.  I personally already anticipate it with excitement.  Surely we are not out of the proverbial tunnel as far as worldwide economic, health, climate crises and wars are concerned, but nothing can get in the way of each one of us doing our share of cleanup, repair, alignment, development, and transformation.  I will continue doing this locally, everywhere I can, for as long as it takes.  THAT is for me what the coaching profession is all about ! 

Hope to see you soon !     In Gambrinus for a 6pm afterwork on December 19,20,21 ,,,?

Amicalement,      Alain