Noi strategii in management
O experienta transformationala in opt zile de training

Why should managers learn coaching skills?

Practical outcome: Learn how to think like a coach, model effective people-management behavior and become a transformational leader:

  • Learn how to professionally conduct all your one-on-one meetings such as when hiring, negotiating goals, designing projects, evaluating personnel performance, mentoring, problem-solving, etc.

Success in all these one-on one relationships are based on key behavioral skills that you will acquire and professionally implement: listening, managing silence, verbal punctuation, body posture, receptive attitudes, body language, passive and active pacing and prodding, effective reformulation, respectful expression and formulation of feelings and intuitions by the manager. Etc.

  • Learn how to use questions to explore employee and partner challenges, issues, objectives, needs and stakes.

The leader’s use of questions focused on facilitating emerging solutions. Use the right questions to enlarge or transform operational frames of reference.  Manager use of questions focused on who the employee is and on how the employee processes rather than on the content of a problem, project, situation or objective.  The use of "powerful" questioning techniques in days-to day managerial situations. Questions for action plans, focused on results.  

  • Learn how to clarify solid contracts and agreements including when setting objectives, establishing pertinent measures and designing performing measurement instruments.

Implement effective triangular contract contexts and negotiation.  Contracting in internals networks, for functional and transversal support.  Written contracts. Develop "Anti-sabotage" focus and strategies.  Establish solid follow-up, checks and tracking measures for managers and employees. Successfully confront gaps between expectations and results.

  • Develop a systemic approach to lead teams and organizations, and learn how to use projective techniques in planning and interviewing, differed and « live » or on-the-job managing and mentoring.

Undertand team relationship and interfacing indicators and how the leader can use these to achieve performance results.  Understand the manager – employee relationship, transference and counter transference.  Use strategic “high” and “low” positions for the leader or manager.  Managing scapegoat processes.  Projective tools: how and when a manager can use them. 

  • Process:  Each participant (in small groups) will extensively practice each skill or technique, during five to ten-minute sequences.

For a detailed agenda:

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This training program concerns all leaders and managers who wish to learn how to use  and model performing behaviors, strategies and tools for use in their professional environment. Among others this practical training can also concern, recruiters, sales representatives, HR professionals, internal and external trainers, coaches, etc.

To enhance on the job follow-up and experimentation between the training sessions, we strongly recommend grouped enrolment of a minimum of three participants from the same organizational or local environment.


The proposed training program consists of four two-day workshops or a total of eight days.  It constitutes a relatively complete  learning environment focused on delivering behavioural proficiency in skills and strategies for leaders, managers and coaches.

This offer is proposed as a medium-term learning program with intensive on-the-job homework or practice between the sessions.  The program is delivered in English, with numerous exercises which can be practiced in Romanian.

Beyond teaching leader-chic principles, the whole program is conceived as a practical behavioural training environment focused on acquiring behavioral know-how. The participants will find a setting where they will be asked  get involved to practice intensive real-life learning situations and exercises.
This program is exclusively delivered by Master Certified Coaches validated by the International Coach Federation.  It is based on an exclusive and protected Coach Training program designed and delivered by validated members of the Metasysteme Coach Academy.

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