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Acquire systemic coaching skills to become a better leader, manager, entrepreneur, or to become a professional international systemic coach

09 Iulie 2015

The next 9-day Bucharest Fundamentals of coaching Mastery is posted on our AGENDA on this website.   Beware, this program is not about how to become a beginning coach, to then sell you a more professional follow up!  This course is tailored to give you the necessary foundations to become an international-level professional coach, with ICF validation, and with an extremely performing systemic edge to wow yourself and your clients. 

Beyond future professional coaches, this course also attracts leading managers, entrepreneurs and professionals active in other fields who strategically want to acquire the attitude and tools to become the best.  In our past programs, participants have come from abroad to attend, from as far as Brussels, Geneva, Madrid, Amsterdam, Budapest, etc.  So if you are looking for a truly international program to learn masterful coaching skills and posture, you owe yourself the best.

What is systemic coaching?  A simple way to explain is to provide a metaphoric illustration: consider the use of hyperlinks in online texts.  Hypertext is the capacity to access other, apparently distant related documents by the way of a simple click.

This illustrates the type of presence required from a systemic coach. Indeed, when listening to a client, a systemic coach develops a form of 360° presence to fractal occurrences that may surround the immediate coaching context. The coach is both present to obvious and immediate client communication, and is also

  • Aware of how the themes and patterns in all the aspects of the client’s life are inter-related, whether these concern the client’s home, office, family structure, different issues, projects and ambitions, car, sports, professional and personal life, etc.
  • Aware of how the themes and patterns in the client issue may resonate with the coach’s own personal and professional patterns, issues, themes, ambitions, projects, family life, history, car, sports etc.
  • Aware of congruences and incongruences between the patterns and content of the client issue at hand and the client’s usual behavior, beliefs, values, emotions, sentence structure, etc.
  • Aware of how the immediate coaching environment accidentally participates in synchrony with the coaching process, either by interrupting or supporting the flow of the coaching conversation.
  • Etc

In other words, as a coaching process unfolds, a systemic coach is present to and capable of instantly, intuitively making a number of hyper-links to a number of similar contents and patterns in other peripheral areas that may at first seem to be unrelated to the coaching issue.

These hyper-links to other coach and client fields of interest and to their shared environment may allow the coach and the client to make a number metaphorical connections that will provide new emerging awareness, options and solutions that apply to the client issue immediately at hand.

When leaders and executives learn how to make hypertext links between apparently disconnected systemic occurences within their teams and organization, their projects and programs, their social and political environment, their careers,etc., they become much more strategic.

The capacity to develop a systemic coaching presence or a presence to possible “hypertext” connections such as those illustrated above can be learned by leaders, managers and coaches by attending the intensive training provided in the “Fundamental of Systemic Coaching” and the various “Systemic Supervision” or "Hypervision" programs provided by Metasysteme Coaching.

More formally, this is a comprehensive training program to boost your professional and communication skills in management and coaching, in order to achieve true mastery. If you choose to attend, be ready for a practical experience of transformational learning that will develop your inherent professional potential, reveal your personal way to embody success and just generally shake your perspectives on life.

This program is focused on how to truly become a masterful manager and coach. The first  workshop is immediately focused on developing a coaching space to allow new systemic emerging perspectives.  Practical exercises will allow attending managers and coaches to learn how to let their own and their client implicit success communication patterns emerge, unfold and progressively reshape.  

The following workshops will provide means for powerful manager, coach and client perspective remodeling.  Participants will practice how to use a large number of simple yet transformational systemic tools to achieve success and accompany others on their quest to develop their full potential.  Practical exercises will allow experiential learning until learned skills become a second nature.

And, for participants still hesitating to attend this exceptional program, another series of workshops will be offered starting later this year.

Location: Bucharest or Iasi
Maximum attendance:
25 participants, intensive practical work in sub groups
  International Coach Federation validated training (ACSTH) for coaches.
Trainer: Alain Cardon MCC

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